Much of my life has felt like a long game of Hide and Seek and I have always felt like I have been “it”… searching. I felt so envious of people who just knew what they wanted to do with their lives from the moment they understood that they would have to do something. That was never me; I was busy studying, for GCSEs, A Levels, a degree, a masters and finally a PGCE. I didn’t have time to really figure out what I would do with all the qualifications I was racking up; I hoped it would all figure itself out later on.

Later on… well, later on does come around fairly quickly and I’ve discovered that it doesn’t just figure itself out; it waits for you to get on and do it.

After years of procrastinating and trying to decide what I really wanted to do with my life, I asked myself a question; if money were not important, how would I love to fill my days? Put that way, the answer was easy - taking photographs. Through the studying, working in Biotechnology and as a Teacher, there has been one constant passion, one constant love – photography. So why relegate my love to being an evening and weekend hobby?

Today, I am no longer “it” in the game of Hide and Seek. I join the others who know what they want to do with their lives – maybe a little later, but I got there in the end!

Today, I am a portrait photographer; contact me to discover how my passion for this art is transformed into photos you will treasure for a lifetime.