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The Girl with the Curly Hair

December 13, 2018
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I’ve decided it’s time to respect mother-nature and embrace my curly hair. I have to be honest, I’ve said this many times, generally while I’m on holiday when I’m too hot and too lazy to use my straightening irons. However, this time I’ve gone curly for longer. It’s been a whole week since I last used my straightening irons – that’s a long time for me ladies and gentlemen and I can’t say it’s been an easy 7 days… Man, how much do I want to run my fingers through my hair right now??

  My reasons for trying to go au natural are:

  1. a) I’ve been straightening for 20 years. 20! And I’m only now starting to wonder what it’s doing to my tresses.
  2. b) I am seeing more and more curly locks when I photograph clients and it always looks gorgeous beachy and natural; I then wonder why I don’t embrace my own curls.
  3. c) I’m getting lazier and can’t be arsed to straighten my hair every day.

It’s not as easy as people think. Going au natural doesn’t mean that I hop out of the shower and get on with my day. In fact, it’s more complicated; I have to use more products so that my head doesn’t end up looking like a giant tumble weed floating around the village.

 I have tried to adopt the Curly Girl method. To all my straight haired friends this means ditching products containing sulfates, silicones and some alcohols – which by the way seem to be in everything! Shopping becomes a lengthy and laborious experience trying to read the teeny, tiny print on the back of those bottles which no-one actually wants you to read. Oh and obviously you have to ditch those good old GHDs.

Now, before I go on, I want to remind you that I have used my straightening irons for 20 years…that’s practically a marriage (the wedding was so beautiful!). It’s hard to leave my beloved irons in the bottom drawer – sometimes I get them out and hold them without even plugging them in, just to be close to them and remember the good times (I am joking – I hope you all got that!!)

Curly girls also shouldn’t use a towel to dry their hair and don’t even think about using a hair dryer. You can bin your hair brush as you won’t be needing that either and don’t comb or even touch your hair once you have applied products or it will burs t into flames…not really, it will just spoil the curl pattern. You should also plop your hair while it is wet; this is where you…oh never mind! What I’m trying to say is that it’s little wonder why I’ve reached for the straightening irons for so long – natural it isn’t always the easy option! In fact, curly hair you’re downright demanding!   I’m going to give it a go though; if for no other reason than because I keep telling my young clients that their natural curly hair is beautiful and they should flaunt their curls with pride (hypocritical much??)

To my curly clients, I salute you!