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Hi, I’m Tina Chisnell; welcome to my blog. If you are a prospective client please take a moment to browse through the showcase pages for examples of my portrait photography.

 I like to think of this blog as my virtual scrap book; it’s the place where I keep the other photos and stories I collect as I go about my days, building my business around my passion. 

Quarter of a Century

June 29, 2017
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It’s hard to believe that I had an idea 4 years ago, decided to actually do it in March and now, not even four months later I am a quarter of the way through completing my 100 in Hamble project. 25 ladies done, and lots more booked. It’s looking positive and I’m still hopeful to find a 100 year old lady.

There are so many people I want to thank for helping me with this project; firstly, Mark, my husband who writes up all the biographies for the ladies and who also pushed me to actually turn this idea into a reality. I also want to thank my partners Tim Hughes from Tim Hughes Hair and Susie Houser and Debbie Phillips from Sea Sky Design. Thank you for your support, enthusiasm and belief in this project.

Also, Sally Schofield for helping me to find so many more ladies in the village who are interested in taking part in this project. It hasn’t been the easiest thing for me at the moment to introduce myself to strangers and try to explain what I am doing; you have been a remarkable help to me.

If you haven’t already, and even if you have, visit www.100inhamble.com; you’ll find lots of beautiful ladies from Hamble with interesting stories to tell.

And here is the lady who got me to my first milestone: Meraid Griffin, thank you for being my 25th lady!