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I Weigh

September 17, 2018
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I recently listened to a podcast featuring Jameela Jamil; if you are my kind of age you might remember her as a T4 presenter or currently starring in The Good Place. She spoke about the Kardashian family and how she was outraged when she saw a photograph posted on Instagram by them with their weights typed in below each family member. She was outraged for good reason too. Beneath this post “celebrating" the Kardashians’ weight post were thousands of comments, mostly from young girls admiring the Kardashians for their weight and also worrying about their own weight. Comments like: “I’m the same height as her and I weigh so much more…the diet starts now!”

Jameella created a movement on Instagram to fight against this toxicity– she named it “I weigh.” She began by posting a photograph of herself and typed over her picture with phrases and words illustrating aspects of her life that she is proud of or grateful for.

It looked like this:


From: www.instagram.com/jameelajamilofficial

I decided this was a great idea and something many of us could benefit from doing. We are more than the number that shows up on our weighing scales, we are more than the width of our hips, the size of our boobs or size of our waist. That’s not to say that to care about your appearance is wrong… it’s just sad if that’s our number one priority.

So today I encourage you to think about what you weigh?