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Hamble Men Do The Full Monty... Sort Of

November 02, 2014
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When I was asked to photograph the Hamble Calendar this year I had my reservations. Photographing women with little clothing is one thing but I thought there might be a few red faces when it was the men’s turn.

I turned up to my first photo shoot prepared with my spiel on how they didn’t actually need to ‘be’ naked they just had to ‘appear’ naked. I shouldn’t have worried. It turns out that men (well, at least these men) didn’t need much of a reason to remove their clothing. In fact, keeping certain items of clothing on was a greater concern.

I think I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes from these photo shoots:  

“Why can’t we just whip it all off and all jump into the water naked?”

“Err, because it is 4pm, during the school summer holidays, at a popular tourist venue and we’ll probably all get arrested.”

That says it all! 

Calendars are on sale from many local businesses in Hamble, or online: http://www.fullmontyhamble.co.uk/home 

A perfect gift for Christmas while supporting the Hamble Lifeboat. 

Happy Sunday!

Tina xx