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Dream Big; Be Bold The Sequel

October 13, 2017
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Do you know how Facebook brings up memories from previous years? Well, a while ago it brought up a memory which was actually a blog I had written a long time ago. Back then, I used to sign off with the line, “Dream big; be bold.” www.tinachisnell.com/blog/Dream-Big-Be-Bold

At some point, I stopped writing this when I signed off on my blogs; maybe I thought it was too cheesy and I worried what people would think of me and then, sometime after that, I stopped actually dreaming big and being bold. In fact, the boldest thing I did was get out of bed, put on a smile, feed, clothe, bath and do activities with my children and occasionally force myself to see a few friends. I had forgotten how to dream big or lost the belief that these dreams would come true and I lost any confidence or energy I had in order to be bold. My self-esteem was somewhere close to the floor.

Then, I met a lady during my www.100inhamble.com project; she said something along the lines of “I never let an opportunity pass me by; I take every opportunity as they come.” Shortly afterwards, that Facebook memory I referred to came up to haunt me. It was like someone was trying to tell me something. I have been rebuffing opportunities, I have been letting fear get the better of me; I have been worried that I am a different person since I had encephalitis and not a better person at that.   

Some of the ladies I have met through the www.100inhamble.com project have been through some terrible times and come through it smiling and stronger. I felt a little embarrassed to have let the bad things that have happened in my life get the better of me, especially when some of the stories I have heard have made my problems seem small; I have made them bigger than they are by focussing my attention on them.

So cheesy or not, here’s me back to dreaming big and being bold.