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November 14, 2017
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It’s been a while. Life has been crazy, The www.100inhamble.com project has reached half a century; I shot my first wedding; my brown-eyed boy started big school – in my head he’s still 2 so this is a pretty big deal!

I wanted the www.100inhamble.com project to be solely about my photography and the women of Hamble so when my husband looked into getting the press to write a story about it and I was told that they would want to include the history of the project including my encephalitis, I was reluctant. I didn’t want the illness to be part of the story or to take anything away from all the hard work both my husband and I have put into this project. However, it is a part of the story whether I like it or not. Had it not been for my illness, this project would still be an idea I once had that I might or might not have gotten around to actually doing.

Recently, the Daily Echo ran an article (click to read) on the 100 in Hamble project and the way it came about. Since then, the Encephalitis Society has been in touch with us asking to use the article in their newsletter and social media. Although it doesn’t feel like it to me sometimes, this is a success story. I walked away with a life that is pretty much normal. Yes, there have been some losses but compared to some stories I have heard from the Encephalitis Society, my losses are minimal. I can still use my camera; my passion was not taken away.  I was and am still able to relearn skills I forgot how to use.  I am one of the lucky ones and the Encephalitis Society has reminded me of that.

So, this blog is to encourage you to take a look at the encephalitis society page and just by sharing their page you can raise awareness of this illness that quite literally steals lives.  

This brilliant short video, Stolen Lives (click to read), was made my Nick Crean and Cath Ryan and explains what Encephalitis is and how it affects people. It has been a great help to my family so that they could begin to understand the frustration, anger disappointment and loss that I sometimes feel. It has also encouraged me to accept who I am now; I'm different but that's ok.

As my neurologist rightly pointed out, I may not be capable to run for Prime Minister any more; I have to readjust my goals and expectations of myself (he has a sense of humour!).  

Still dreaming big and being bold regardless! 

Tina xx