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A Christmas Tale

December 08, 2012
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Today I intend to spend the day getting ready for Christmas. This was supposed to be last weekend’s job, but I got the dreaded lurgy so I already feel behind.  I will put some cheesy Christmas tunes on… something by Michael Bublé, and then I will get myself ready for some good old Christmas shopping. I’ll get some warm clothes on … a nice red jumper (to feel really Christmassy) and some jeans. Then I will sit on the couch, in my comfy spot, which has my arse imprint, with my laptop on my lap. I’ll fire up Amazon and bang, Christmas shopping will be done. It’s the only way I can get through it without hyperventilating! I know you are supposed to love the experience of actually going Christmas shopping and I think I probably would if it wasn’t for the other 5 million people trying to share the experience with me. Being barged and grunted at is not my idea of fun and waiting at the exit of a shop for a big enough space so that you can join the throng of people walking with Christmas purpose but without any Christmas cheer is also not my cup of tea.  So, bar humbug or not, I will be doing my Christmas shopping in the comfort of my own home with only Michael Bublé and Mark for company.

This year is Mark’s and my first Christmas together as husband and wife, which adds to my excitement, we will experience another one of our firsts together.  So today, we will put up our tree. I wanted a real tree, the smell of real pine which screams “Christmas is here!” However, Mark doesn’t like the mess pine trees make and so we will be having a fake tree which screams “Fraud!” But, you know, I vowed for better or for worse so what can I do? Put lots of fairy lights and Christmas decorations all over my fake tree to hide the fact that it is inferior to its genuine counterparts!

Merry Christmas one and all; may it be full of love, warmth and kindness.