About Me

My photography story probably started at University. Back then, my best friend and I always had a little point and shoot with us to do nothing more than document our lives, our freedom and our fun. I still have boxes of photographs in cardboard sleeves which tell a story of a different time, when bright, green Juicy Lucys were the must-have Friday afternoon drink and Marmite on toast was a post-clubbing snack. Perhaps one day they'll make their way into a photo album so this chapter of my life will be a little more accessible. 

I suppose not much has really changed. Sure, I've swapped Juicy Lucys for more drinkable wine and I've upgraded my camera several times since then, but I still use it to document life; not just mine. 

Photography captures moments and emotions. It combines these to tell a story... your very own special story. I'm very proud to be a story teller; to show people in pictures what this chapter in their lives looks like.